A peek into consumers’ minds🧠👀

swine o'clock Mar 17, 2023

📃🥩 The 18th annual Power of Meat report released by the Meat Institute and FMI (the Food Industry Association) is here, and it’s brought some key insights for the pork industry… The bottom line is that Americans are buying more fresh meat than before the COVID-19 pandemic and seeking value in price, convenience, and sustainability. 

     • Self-described “meat eaters” comprise 78% of Americans;

     • Despite rising food and beverage prices, consumers haven’t significantly changed the amount of meat they buy; 

     • Product quality and appearance continue to be the top factors driving meat purchase decisions;

     • To save money, a large majority of consumers report making changes to the amount, type, cut, and/or brand of meat they purchase; 

     • Shoppers have been taking health and nutrition in their decisions, as well as the sustainability and animal welfare policies of the products.

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