The 10 unbreakable rules of swine nutrition

decision making nutrition series swine nutrition swine nutritionist Jun 24, 2021


Here are the ten unbreakable rules of swine nutrition in my view:


  1. Nutrient loadings of ingredients: they are the backbone of swine nutrition - you need to get them right.
  2. Economic energy level: it’s not about having the best pig performance possible; it is about having the best profitability; thus, you need to have the most economical level of dietary energy
  3. Lysine to calorie ratio: You will not get the most out of your dietary energy if your lysine levels are not adjusted correctly. It would be best if you also looked at them from an economic standpoint.
  4. Amino acid ratios: if you have the right energy level, the right lysine level, but the wrong amino acid ratios… you will not go far, right. They are super important.
  5. Do not overlook phosphorus: after energy and amino acids, phosphorus is the most expensive diet component. It also has a significant effect on pig performance.
  6. More calcium than needed makes it worse: like many other nutrients, more is not necessarily better. Too much calcium can reduce performance, especially in the nursery phase. 
  7. Sow body condition is king: period.
  8. High intake is gestation equals low intake in lactation: this happens like clockwork. Highly predictable.
  9. Evidence-based swine nutrition: trust the science, and your recommendations will go further than if you base your recommendations too heavily on anecdotal evidence. 
  10. Implementation of the nutrition program trumps diet formulation: the right diet, at the right time, at the right place. That is your biggest goal as an Elite Swine Nutritionist.




Dr. Marcio Gonçalves


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