#84 - The Power of Precise Experimental Design in Swine Nutrition by Dr. Jordan Gebhardt

swine nutrition blackbelt Sep 21, 2023

This episode presents a compelling conversation with Dr. Jordan Gebhardt, who has an impressive experience in swine nutrition research and experimental design. Here, Dr. Gebhardt explores and navigates the fascinating aspects of swine nutrition research and, in particular, the critical importance of the experimental unit in the overall experimental design, as understanding these experimental units can be quite challenging. Still, Dr. Gebhardt dives into the process of identifying and defining operational units, assigning them to different treatments, and reducing variation between these units.


Meet the guest

Dr. Jordan Gebhardt


      ○   Assistant Professor at Kansas State University


      ○   Ph.D., Applied Swine Nutrition (Kansas State University)

      ○   DVM, Veterinary Medicine (Kansas State University)

      ○   B.S., Animal Science (Michigan State University)


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