#82 -  The impact of the number of sow functional teats on piglet colostrum intake by Dr. Mark Knauer

swine nutrition blackbelt Sep 06, 2023

As the swine industry continues to evolve, the focus on optimizing sow productivity is becoming more crucial. Recent research spearheaded by Dr. Mark Knauer, a Swine Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University, offers insightful perspectives in this regard. Dr. Knauer's research indicates that while pig geneticists have made successful strides in increasing litter size and the number of functional teats in sows, the increase in functional teats has not kept up with litter size. This disparity highlights a significant issue: the larger the litter size, the less colostrum per piglet is available for intake. The crucial role of colostrum for a piglet's health and survival underscores the significance of this problem. 


Meet the guest

Dr. Mark Knauer 


      ○   Swine Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University


      ○   B.Sc. in Agriculture Education (Iowa State University)

      ○   M.Sc. in Animal Breeding (Iowa State University)

      ○   PhD in in Animal Breeding and Genetics (North Carolina State University)

      ○   Postdoc (Institute for Pig Genetics, Netherlands)

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