#80 - Beyond the Feed: Diving into the Logistics of Swine Nutrition, by Dr. Ashley DeDecker

swine nutrition blackbelt Aug 24, 2023

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Decisions in swine nutrition and production often result from a multifaceted approach, considering many factors that go  beyond the apparent biological implications. The studies led by Dr. Ashley DeDecker and her team continue to spark insightful discussions in swine nutrition and production. Dr. DeDecker is studying the comparison between mash and pellet feed for sow diets, specifically at micron size. This research aims to find the best grinding size to improve swine nutrition and production in the industry.


Meet the guest:


Dr. Ashley DeDecker



  • Current: Director of production research at the Smithfield Foods 


  • Ph.D., Swine Behavior and stress physiology (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) 
  • B.Sc., Animal Science (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)


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