#72 The Swine Nutrition Blackbelt - Dr. Tom Burkey: Unveiling the effects of the cecum on the metabolism and health of pigs

swine nutrition blackbelt Jun 29, 2023

Despite playing a significant role in the fermentation of dietary nutrients, the cecum and its effects on the metabolism and health of pigs are poorly understood. With that in mind, in this episode, Dr. Burkey discusses a study he worked on aimed at developing a cecectomized pig model in order to evaluate the cecum microbial community structure in cecectomized finisher pigs which were fed a high-fiber diet (soy hulls). 


Meet the guest

Dr. Tom Burkey


      โ—‹ Current: Interim Head and Professor of Nonruminant Nutrition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


      โ—‹ Ph.D. (Kansas State University)

      โ—‹ M.Sc. (Kansas State University) 

      โ—‹ B.A., Biology (Rockford University) 

Hobby: I have been a soccer coach for over 30 years

Favorite book, movie or TV series: Start with why, by Simon Sinek

Favorite quote: "So find out what you want to be and do. Take off your coat and make dust in the world." – Robert J. Burdette

A tip for success: Have willingness to take on tasks that no one else wants to do.

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