53 - Dr. Sheila Jacobi: The microbiota gut-brain axis in pigs

swine nutrition blackbelt Feb 16, 2023

How does nutrition impact the microbiota and gut health of pigs? That question is even more important considering that keeping the gastrointestinal tracts of pigs healthy is extremely important, especially during weaning – when they are more susceptible to stress and disease. So in this episode, I talk with Dr. Sheila Jacobi about how the microbiota gut-brain axis can impact swine physiological, immunological, and neurological health. We also discuss the effect of probiotics on the microbiota of pigs, as well as the role played by neurotransmitters in regulating feed intake during times of stress.


Meet the guest

Dr. Sheila Jacobi


      ○ Current: Assistant Professor at Ohio State University


      ○ Ph.D., Swine Nutritional Immunology (Purdue University)

      ○ M.Sc., Nutritional Biochemistry (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

      ○ B.Sc., Animal Sciences (Purdue University)

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