SNBB 36 - The effects of copper and ionophores on finishing pig performance by Alan (AJ) Warner

swine nutrition blackbelt Oct 13, 2022

Increasing pig growth performance is a topic that I am sure you are all familiar with. It has direct economically applicable results and can increase the health of the herd at the same time. In this episode, I talk with AJ Warner about a study he performed feeding Tri-basic copper chloride in conjunction with an ionophore to grow-finish pigs and evaluating their affects on growth performance throughout the finishing period.

Meet the guest:

Alan (AJ) Warner is a Research Manager at New Fashion Pork. He received his B.S. from The Ohio State University before attending Kansas State University to earn his M.S. in swine nutrition. During this period, he held internships at Country View Family Farms and Heimerl Farms before joining New Fashion Pork in May of 2022.