SNBB 32 - Can polyphenols help piglets with oxidative stress? by Dan Bussiรจres

swine nutrition blackbelt Sep 15, 2022

The first several weeks of a piglets life can be very stressful. Not only do their bodies endure physical and mental stress, but also oxidative stress, which can lead to increased cell and tissue damage. In this episode, I talk with Dan Bussières about a study testing a polyphenol fed to sows to see if it can increase the piglets resistance to oxidative stress by absorbing antioxidants from the milk and colostrum.


Meet the guest: Dan Bussières is the co-founder of Groupe Cérès in Canada; he has been in the swine industry business for 25 years involved in production, research, and nutrition. He graduated in 1996 from Laval University in Quebec, and he and his partner founded Groupe Cérès Inc. in 2004. Dan works on the development and monitoring of nutrition programs for swine producers all over Canada. Dan is working with many industry partners to conduct field research projects which aim at developing new feed programs in order to optimize pig performance, profitability, and meat quality. Today, Groupe Cérès Inc. employs more than 80 people and is committed to continue working with Canadian-produced pigs.