#75 - Modeling ASF Control: A Dynamic Approach - Abagael Sykes

Oct 18, 2023

African Swine Fever (ASF) has become a critical concern in the swine industry, presenting a substantial threat to animal welfare and the global economy. This highly contagious viral disease can have devastating consequences when not properly managed. In this episode, Abagael Sykes, a Ph.D. Candidate at North Carolina State University's Machado Lab, discusses her pioneering research on ASF control measures in the United States. Her comprehensive modeling approach delves into the dynamic nature of ASF outbreaks, providing valuable insights on  effective control strategies. Stay informed to protect the future of swine farming.


Meet the guest:

Abagael Sykes


      โ—‹ Current: Graduate Research Assistant at the North Carolina State University

      โ—‹ Past: Student Success Coach at the University of London



      โ—‹ M.Sc. in Epidemiology (Imperial College London)

      โ—‹ B.Sc. in Biological Sciences (University of London)


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