#73 - Is Your Swine Operation Equipped to Combat PRRS Effectively? - Dr. Chris Rademacher

swine health blackbelt Oct 04, 2023

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is a critical issue in swine health, impacting economics, production efficiency, global trade, and animal welfare. In this episode, we discuss advanced PRRS management strategies with Dr. Chris Rademacher, a leading swine health expert. Dr. Rademacher explores innovative approaches to combat PRRS challenges, including a pioneering killed vaccine method. Stay updated on the evolving battle against this swine health threat and its implications on industry sustainability and profitability.


Meet the guest:

Dr. Chris Rademacher


      ○ Current: Swine Extension Veterinarian at the Iowa State University

      ○ Production Veterinarian at the New Fashion Pork


      ○ DVM in Swine Veterinary Medicine (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)


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