#68 - Precision Livestock Farming: A Game Changer in Swine Health - Dr. Babatope Akinyemi

swine health blackbelt Aug 30, 2023

As precision livestock farming (PLF) continues to evolve, researchers are exploring future possibilities to improve animal welfare and enhance the swine industry. As we see, these technologies gain attention not only from farmers, but also from customers. In this episode, Dr. Babatope Akinyemi delves into the core of modern agriculture, specifically PLF, and how it's shaping the way we raise our pigs. He gives us valuable insights into the nuances of PLF and its potential to bridge the gap between producers and consumers, and also shares his findings on consumer willingness to pay for PLF adoption within the swine industry.


Meet the guest:

Dr. Babatope Akinyemi


Current: Research Associate at Michigan State University


      ○ PhD., Agricultural Economics (University of Fort Hare)

      ○ MSc., Agricultural Economics (University of Ibadan)

      ○ Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Agricultural Economics (Federal University of Technology Akure)

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