Swine Health Blackbelt #2 - Different PEDv vaccination strategies by Dr. Brent Sexton

animal health disease challenge disease control disease management swine health May 18, 2022

Even with different types of vaccines available for PEDv, it still is a common issue that swine farms struggle with. In this episode, Dr. Clayton Johnson interviews Dr. Brent Sexton about his experiencies with PEDv vaccines and how he has been utilizing a different vaccination method to try and increase the effectiveness of the vaccine in his sow herds. Take 9 minutes out of your day and give this a listen!



Meet the guest: Dr. Brent Sexton grew up on a farm near Rockwell City, Iowa. He was active in both 4-H and FFA which he credits for his desire to become a veterinarian. Brent attended Iowa State University where he completed both his degree in animal science in 2014 and his degree in veterinary medicine in 2018. After graduation he began working as a veterinarian for Pipestone before transitioning to the Maschhoffs in 2019. Dr. Sexton’s primary interests are infectious swine diseases, diagnostics interpretation, and swine production.