#90 - Mastering Statistical Analysis in Swine Nutrition Research

the swine nutrition blackbelt podcast Nov 01, 2023

Accurate statistical analysis is essential in swine nutrition research. It guides researchers toward reliable conclusions by scrutinizing experimental design, ensuring data integrity, and upholding statistical assumptions. Precise analysis is imperative in safeguarding swine health and productivity. In this episode, Dr. Jordan Gebhardt, an assistant professor at Kansas State University, explores critical aspects of statistical analysis, including experimental and observational units, statistical assumptions, and data limitations. Join us for an evidence-based exploration of swine nutrition research.


Meet the guest

Dr. Jordan Gebhardt


      โ—‹   Current: Assistant Professor at the Kansas State University


      โ—‹   Ph.D., Applied Swine Nutrition (Kansas State University)

      โ—‹  DVM, Veterinary Medicine (Kansas State University)

      โ—‹  B.Sc., Animal Science (Michigan State University)


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