#81 - Increasing threonine to lysine ratio in growing-finishing pigs diets, by Andres Tolosa

swine health blackbelt Aug 31, 2023

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There are several types of corn distillers dried grains with solubles available and they are often used in swine diets in order to reduce the cost of the diet. To discuss its impacts, we had a great conversation with Andres Toloza in this episode of The Swine Nutrition Blackbelt Podcast. Andres gives a detailed overview of a study he conducted at Kansas State University, focusing on the impact of increasing levels of threonine to lysine ratio in the corn-soybean meal diets of grow-finish pigs, with and without dried distiller's grains (DDGs). Tune in to this insightful episode and gain a deep understanding about  increasing the level of digestible Thr in a diet and its impact on the growth performance of pigs.


Meet the guest

Andres Tolosa, M.Sc.


      ○   Current: Graduate Research Assistant at Kansas State University


      ○   M.Sc., Swine Nutrition (Kansas State University)

      ○   B.Sc., Animal Science (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

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