#79 - Impact of ionophores on swine feed efficiency, by Dr. Michael Shields

swine nutrition blackbelt Aug 17, 2023

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Narasin is an ionophore used in animal production that can enhance weight gain and feed efficiency in growing-finishing swine by modifying hindgut fermentation. In this episode, I talked to Dr. Michael Shields about his research on a meta-regression analysis that was conducted to evaluate the effects of narasin inclusion in growing-finishing pig diets to predict average daily gain and feed efficiency. Dr. Shields enlightens us on the benefits of narasin supplementation in swine diets and the possible implications for the future of pig feeding strategies.


Meet the guest

Dr. Michael Shields


      ○   Current: Technical Consultant at Elanco

      ○   Past: Consulting Nutritionist at Cape Fear Consulting. Director of Swine Nutrition and Business Analysis at Cactus Feeders


      ○   Ph.D., Animal and Poultry Science; Nutrition (North Carolina State University)

      ○   M.Sc., Animal Sciences (North Carolina State University)

      ○   B.Sc., Animal Science; Nutrition (North Carolina State University) 

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