#69 - From a Practical Perspective: Taking PRRS Management to the Next Level - Dr. Jason Hocker

swine health blackbelt Sep 06, 2023

In our discussion today, we illuminated the ongoing presence of disease threats in sow farms, specifically focusing on Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS). Our esteemed guest, Dr. Jason Hocker, a seasoned veterinarian with 17 years of experience, delved deeply into the contemporary challenges and innovative approaches within the field of swine health management. As traditional methods prove to be increasingly less effective in combating PRRS, Dr. Hocker underscored the pivotal factors that incite the disease, as well as the minor stressors that exacerbate the issue for pigs.


Meet the guest:

Dr. Jason Hocker


  • Current: Veterinarian at AMVC Swine Health Services


  • MSc., Veterinary Microbiology (Iowa State University)
  • DMV, (Iowa State University)

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