#67 - A Perspective on Pain: Research into Swine Welfare - Magdiel Lopez

swine health blackbelt Aug 23, 2023

In every facet of pig production, the importance of comprehensive health management cannot be emphasized enough. The industry is consistently exploring effective approaches to monitor, address, and mitigate health issues in swine. Magdiel Lopez, a key figure in this arena, has devoted his career to driving this mission forward. Within the realm of animal welfare, a critical focal point is the management of pain linked to necessary procedures like castration. Notably, castration in pigs induces substantial stress, potentially worsening morbidity and mortality rates. Lopez's research focuses  on identifying practical solutions to alleviate this challenge.



Meet the guest:

Magdiel Lopez, MSc.


Current: Assistant Extension Professional at the University of Missouri - Columbia


      โ—‹ MSc., Swine Welfare, Physiology and Wound Healing (North Carolina State University)

      โ—‹ BSc., Agronomy (National University of Honduras)

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