#65 - Effectively managing the non-productive days of sows - Lauren Glowzenski

swine health blackbelt Aug 09, 2023

During the heart of the summer season, how can sow farms maintain optimal reproductive efficiency? In this episode, I spoke with Lauren Glowzenski about managing non-productive days, with a specific emphasis on the crucial 'weaning-to-service' interval. Gain insights into how sow farms can effectively handle non-productive days, with a specific focus on the period from post-weaning until the first artificial insemination service. This period becomes even more critical during the summer. This episode will guide you through the significance of this interval and break down the main challenges that farms are currently facing during the high summer period.


Meet the guest:

Lauren Glowzenski



      ○ Current: Manager of Veterinarian Services at Trioak Foods Inc

      ○ Past: Swine Veterinarian at Tyson Foods


      ○ M.S.Ed., (University of Pennsylvania)

      ○ D.V.M., (University of Pennsylvania)

      ○ B.A., Liberal Arts, Pre-Medical Sciences (Sarah Lawrence College)

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