#54 - Dr. John McGlone -ย Beyond Traditional Approaches: Exploring Behavioral Management strategies

swine health blackbelt May 24, 2023

While the concept of "animal welfare" can be understood in different ways, an alternative approach known as behavioral management has been gaining attention. The animal industry encounters difficulties in defining welfare and quantifying it, along with effectively handling animal behavior to enhance it. In this episode,  Dr. John McGlone discusses swine behavioral management as well as the utilization of environmental enrichment devices for self-administering vaccines and improving animal health. He emphasizes how employing such devices is regarded as behavior management, promotes animal well-being, and offers potential cost savings.


Meet the guest:

Dr. John McGlone


โ—‹ Current: Professor at Texas Tech University


โ—‹ Ph.D., Animal Science, Neural and Behavioral Biology (University of Illinois)

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