#221 - Lessons from summer: exploring the impact of heat stress on pigs by Dr. Joshua Selsby

the swine it podcast show Oct 31, 2023

Each year, the US swine industry faces significant revenue losses due to heat stress in pigs. This stress manifests in various ways, from visible behavioral shifts like increased panting and seeking cool surfaces, to more covert internal disruptions affecting their health and overall functioning. In this episode, Dr. Joshua Selsby unpacks the physiological and economic ripple effects of heat stress on the swine industry. He also sheds light on potential solutions and the future direction of research in addressing this critical challenge.



What you’ll learn:


      โ—‹ Effects of heat stress on animals, economics, and environment 

      โ—‹ Creating a model for heat stress impact

      โ—‹ Damage to the muscle, heart, and kidneys due to heat stress

      โ—‹ Current and future research into heat stress effects

      โ—‹ Mitigating strategies for heat stress


 Meet the guest:

Dr. Joshua Selsby


      โ—‹ Current: Professor at Iowa State University and Co-Founder at Extrave Bioscience



      โ—‹ Ph.D., Exercise Physiology and Muscle Physiology (University of Florida)

      โ—‹ M.Sc., Exercise Physiology (The Ohio State University)

      โ—‹ B.Sc., Biology (The College of Wooster)


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