#219 - Big Beginnings and Beyond: Factors Shaping Swine Longevity by Dr. William “Billy” Flowers

Oct 17, 2023

Commercial pork production relies heavily on the longevity of sows and boars and the multiplicity of factors being studied ranges from the birth process of a sow or boar, its growth rate before and after weaning, to its journey until it is delivered to commercial farms. These factors are then correlated with the longevity and productivity of these animals. In this episode, Dr. Billy Flowers shares invaluable insights about  various factors influencing the health, longevity, and productivity of animals in the swine industry.


What you’ll learn:


      ○ Studying early stages of a gilt and boar's life

      ○ Colostrum effects on pigs longevity

      ○ Importance of investment in replacement gilt

      ○ Impact of gestation housing conditions on offspring development

      ○ Long-term effects of heat stress

      ○ The evolution of the animal industry


 Meet the guest:

Dr. William “Billy” Flowers


      ○ Current: William Neal Reynolds and Alumni Distinguished Professor of Animal Science at North Carolina State University


      ○ Ph.D., Animal Sciences (University of Missouri)

M.Sc., Animal Physiology (University of Missouri)

B.Sc., Animal Sciences (Virginia Tech)

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