#217 - Cultivating success: managing swine and relationships by Adam Walters

swine it podcast Oct 02, 2023

In this episode, Adam Walters shares his switch back to pig farming, his rise to becoming the Finishing Manager at Tosh Farms, and the changes he's witnessed and guided in pig farming practices. He discusses the essential value of fostering strong relationships, emphasizing the persisting importance of people in every industry, and underlines the significance of efficient biosecurity measures and the need for adaptable protocols. Listen as he details the transition from traditional farming methods to a wean-to-finish system and the creation of a new Baby Pig Tech role, and find out how his management style, derived from early life learnings in sports and farming, has shaped his successful career.


What you’ll learn:


1. Transition from nursery and finishing to wean to finish production system

2. The importance of getting the pigs started right in farming

3. Process of getting people to adapt to changes in farming protocols

4. Impact of the Baby Pig Techs on the production and performance

5. Hiring, employee training and opportunities within the organization

6. Importance of managing relationships

7. Biosecurity measures in the farm


 Meet the guest:

Adam Walters


      โ—‹ Current: Finishing Manager at Tosh Farms/Tosh Pork/Bacon by Gosh


      โ—‹ B.A., Geography (Emory and Henry College)

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