#213 - Emerging trends and ingredients in swine feed formulations by Casey Shaw

swine it podcast Sep 05, 2023

Swine feed formulations are often optimized to contain the right balance of corn, soybean meal, and supplements in order to meet the animals' nutritional needs at the lowest cost. It may be possible to find even greater opportunities by incorporating alternative feedstuffs beyond these traditional ingredients. Casey Shaw, an expert in swine nutrition and formulation, discusses how feed utilizes more byproducts and alternative ingredients as it has evolved rapidly. He shares insights on how the supply chain adaptation and opportunistic mindset enabled major changes in feed formulations and emerging ingredient trends.


What you’ll learn:


1.  Challenges of moving toward a smaller mill mentality


2. Inclusion of ingredients in diet and supply chain


3. Future opportunities in byproducts


4. Current low energy diets and soybean meal production and demand


5. Shifts in distillers' products and their impact on animal feeds


6. Differences between swine and poultry industries


7. Thoughts on productivity and decision making 


Meet the guest:

Casey Shaw, M.Sc.


      ○ Current: Independent Agribusiness Consultant.

      ○ Past: Director of Ingredient Procurement at Murphy-Brown LLC.


      ○ M.Sc., Agricultural Economics (Purdue University)

      ○ MBA., Business (Indiana University)

      ○ B.Sc., Horticulture (Cornell University)

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