#212 -Defining and Enhancing Sustainability in the Swine Industry, by Jamie Burr

swine it podcast Aug 29, 2023

Hello there, 

Sustainability has emerged as a significant topic of discussion in the realm of pig production over the last few years. It's clear that it plays a crucial role in guiding the industry's efforts to enhance both the environmental and financial viability of operations. To this end, I engaged in an insightful discussion with Jamie Burr, Chief Sustainability Officer of the National Pork Board, who contributes with years of experience and expertise to the field. For Burr, sustainability is a continuous improvement journey that aims to improve practices that are better for pigs, people, and the planet.


What you’ll learn:


1.  Definition of sustainability


2. Improving sustainability in pig production


3. Importance of data collection in sustainability


4. Future goals in sustainability


5. Importance of feed conversion in sustainability.


6. Future energy opportunities for producers


Meet the guest:

Jamie Burr, MSc.


      โ—‹ Current: Chief Sustainability Officer at the National Pork Board

      โ—‹ Past: Director of Environmental at Tyson Foods


      โ—‹ M.Sc. Soil Science (Missouri State University)

      โ—‹ B.Sc., Soil Science and Agronomy (Missouri State University)

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