#211 - Growth Through Challenges: The Swine Vet's Journey, by Brooke Kitting

swine it podcast Aug 22, 2023

Hello there, 

Are you a veterinary student intrigued by the swine industry? In this episode, I invite you to explore pivotal insights to excel in this field. My conversation with Brooke Kitting, M.Sc., illuminates the journey of a swine veterinarian transitioning from academia to the professional world. Brooke's journey embodies dedication, resilience, and tenacity - an example aspirational swine veterinarians can emulate. Her story provides a glimpse into life within the swine industry, with challenges and rewards for those committed to thriving and making a significant impact.



What you’ll learn:


1.  The importance of communication in the swine industry


2. The difference between internships and externships


3. The value of externship experiences


4. Challenges students interested in swine may face and potential solutions


Meet the guest:

Brooke Kitting, M.Sc


      ○ Current: Swine Production Veterinarian at the Seaboard foods

      ○ Past: Veterinary Technician at the Circle H Headquarters LLC


      ○ M.Sc. (Texas Tech University)

      ○ DVM. (University of Pennsylvania)

      ○ B.S. (Animal Sciences at the Delaware Valley University)

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