#209 - One Health: A Holistic Perspective on the Swine Industry, by Dr. Heather Fowler

swine it podcast Aug 07, 2023

Hello there, 

Have you ever heard about the term "One Health"? As one of the key strategies of the swine industry, the "One Health Approach" offers a broad, integrative framework for dealing with complex issues that intersect numerous fields, enhancing human and animal health, and promoting environmental stability. In today's episode, I talk to Dr. Heather Fowler, the director of producer and public health for the National Pork Board. Our conversation revolves around the vital role of the One Health Approach in the evolving universe of the swine industry and how this integrated methodology radically bridges gaps between human health, animal welfare, and environmental health, providing a holistic approach to addressing problems.



What you’ll learn:


1.  The definition of One Health


2. The application of One Health in the swine industry


3. The connection between One Health and sustainability


4. Public health and the swine industry: the case of influenza


5. The role of veterinarians in the One Health Approach


6. What resources are available for producers and workers in the swine industry


7. The future of the One Health Approach


8. The concept of One Health applied in the medical field


Meet the guest:

Dr. Heather Fowler


      ○ Current: Director of producer and public health for the National Pork Board

      ○ Past: Associate Director of Animal Health at the Center for One Health Research


      ○ Ph.D., Environmental and Occupational Hygiene (the University of Washington)

      ○ M.Ph., Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology (Yale School of Public Health)

      ○ D.V.M., Mixed Animal Medicine (the University of Pennsylvania)

      ○ B.Sc., Animal Bioscience (Pennsylvania State University)

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