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SwineTalks 2023 | Standard

Experience this swine industry event like never before with our Standard Ticket - an incredibly valuable experience with exclusive bonuses to elevate your expertise!

Here's what you get with the Standard Ticket:

🎟️ Full access to the conference - 24 world-class speeches. Powerful and engaging 18-min talks that you will not see the time go by. Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr. Dustin Boler, Carthage Veterinary Service
  • Dr. Trey Kellner, AMVC Nutritional Services
  • Dr. Rachel Derscheid, Iowa State University
  • Michael Noonan, Independent Consultant
  • Dr. Johannes Madsen, University of Copenhagen

🤝 Networking sessions with renowned speakers and sponsors
🎓 30 DAYS of free access to swine it+ courses - Access to over 300 bite-sized topic-specific lessons that easily fit into your busy routine ($5,000 in value). Certificates included!
💎 All legacy bonuses - A treasure trove of valuable resources!

  • E-book "Anatomical and pathology atlas of swine" ($150 value)
  • E-book "Field x-rays: clinical cases in swine" ($150 value)
  • E-book "Uncomplicating the 42 days" ($150 value)
  • E-book "18 keys concepts to weaning over 36 pigs per sow per year" ($150 value)
  • E-book "5 Principles in swine health" ($50 value)
  • E-book "10 principles of swine nutrition" ($50 value)
  • E-book “Tools of the Swine Industry Titans” ($100 value)
  • Ebook “The Caliper Factsheet” ($50 value)
  • E-book “Swine Nutrition for Non-Nutritionists” ($150 value)
  • E-book “Productivity Tips for Swine Professionals” ($100 value)
  • E-book “Pork Versatility: beyond the loin and the ribs" ($50 value)
  • The Swine Production Dictionary ($100 value)
  • The variability cheat sheet of swine research ($100 value)
  • One-page sow feeding program ($400 value)

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🎉 Upgrade to our Premium Ticket for an enhanced experience:

🎓 ONE YEAR of free access to swine it+ courses - Access to over 300 bite-sized topic-specific lessons that easily fit into your busy routine ($5,000 in value). Certificates included!
🎤 Access to talks in both English and Portuguese (US and BR)
🎥 Access to recorded talks in both languages after the event - Revisit the insights and knowledge whenever you want!
📦 Exclusive onboarding kit - Packed with essential resources for your journey

While the Standard Ticket provides outstanding value with its bonuses, our Premium Ticket takes your learning journey to a whole new level with additional access to swine it+ courses, bilingual talks, and an exclusive onboarding kit.

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What People Are Saying:

Nice way to deliver technical/experts and relevant topics to my desk in an understandable manner.

Colin Pratt

SwineTalks was an outstanding format for providing a broad range of highly applicable content. When I first registered I was cautiously optimistic, but was impressed by the actual product. I personally enjoy being exposed to a variety of topics and SwineTalks met that need for me! Will absolutely participate again and will look to possibly have more of my team participate next year.

Dr. Justin Fix

I think there are some excellent messages and good speakers, and the talks are short and fast hitting.

Dr. Mike Tokach