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Swine Facilities Overview

You got the pigs with the best genetic characteristics. You provide them with the best nutrition. You do everything to maximize their health status. That's all you need to have a profitable and successful pig production, right? Well, in this course, you will see why it is so important to add the proper swine facilities into this equation.


Dr. Clayton Chastain

+ Dr. Clayton Chastain is a Swine Nutrition Research Analyst and podcast host for the Swine Nutrition Blackbelt Podcast for Swine It. Most of my time involves editing and writing scientific swine related articles and interviewing the top minds of the swine industry about their research. Prior to this job I was a Swine Research Coordinator for United Animal Health. There I gained experience in trial design and implementation, feed formulation, data collection and analysis, and many other aspects of swine research.