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Thrill your producers by striking the perfect balance between growth performance and economics in the next 60 days

You work long tireless hours to build great relationships with your producers and help feed the world as a swine nutritionist.

Sometimes you spend hours going down the research rabbit hole to get things right only to end up diving down yet another...and another.

Struggling to stay up-to-date with what’s working in the industry today, you’re already balancing the needs of too many mills and farms to keep up with what's working now.

You might even get so swept up in your work you end up siloed with no feedback on how to move production goals forward.

All the while still struggling with formulating the right diet for the right price to get it to the right pigs at the right time.

I believe you deserve better.

Hi, my name is Marcio Goncalves and I’m the creator of the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program. I earned a veterinary degree from UFRGS, a top University in Brazil and I also earned a PhD in Applied Swine Nutrition from Kansas State University. After I finished my studies in academia, I cut my teeth in industry and put my ideas to the real world test!

Working as a Global Nutritionist for a major swine genetic company, leading nutrient specifications recommendations, feed program development, diet formulation, and reviewing diet programs for 100’s of customers across dozens of countries I quickly learned what really works when millions of dollars are on the line and producers need results.

To my shock, I discovered the swine industry runs even faster than academia and by the time something becomes “standard knowledge” it’s already antiquated and unusable.

I call this the “Swine Nutrition Knowledge Gap”.

Famed veterinarian Dr. Al Leman taught about the “Cult of Coverage,” an educational disease that results in graduates who are "one mile wide and one inch deep."

No one knows everything and getting it 100% right is impossible.

But, in swine nutrition, the best way to be in demand and keep your contract growers and producers happy is to have the appropriate solutions- quickly.

It’s tempting to dive into endless hours of research while trying out new ideas in commercial research barns…

...which is nearly impossible if you’re already struggling to balance the needs and economics of several mills and farms - or worried about that truck that delivered the wrong feed, to the wrong bin, at the wrong time.

Luckily, you don’t have to have an immediate solution for everything.

All you really need is the ability to think through difficult problems using the one greatest resource every swine nutritionist possesses...

** If you don’t know what that is you’ll have to check out module 1 inside ESNP.



Mike Tokach, MSc, PhD

Distinguished Professor at Kansas State University. Formulating diets for hundreds of thousands of sows.

Hans H. Stein, PhD

Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hundreds of studies in swine nutrition.

Josh Flohr, MSc, PhD

Technical and Production Support Manager at Seaboard Foods, which has over 340,000 sows.

Betsy Newton, MSc, PhD

Swine Nutrition Director at CSA Animal Nutrition, formulated for dozens of millions of pigs. 

Paul Cline, MSc, PhD

Director of Nutrition at Christensen Farms, formulating diets for 143,000 sows.

Laura Greiner, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor & Swine Nutritionist at Iowa State University. Previously formulated diets for over 150,000 sows at the Carthage System.

David Rosero, MSc, PhD

Senior Nutritionist and Technical Leader at The HANOR Company, which has over 100,000 sows.

Kyle Coble, MSc, PhD

Director of Nutritional Services for JBS Live Pork, which has over 167,000 sows.

Aaron Gaines, MSc, PhD

Managing Partner of Ani-Tek. Previously formulated diets for over 195,000 sows at The Maschhoffs.

John Patience, MSc, PhD

Professor Emeritus of applied swine nutrition at Iowa State University, has written more than 150 peer-reviewed papers and given more than 400 talks.

Roman Moreno, PhD

Dr. Roman Moreno, Swine Nutritionist at Seaboard Foods, which has over 340,000 sows  in an integrated system, and management specialist.

Moving from “breeding to finish” successfully presents a lot of INDUSTRY SPECIFIC challenges…

That’s why I created the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program for industry professionals like you who want to accomplish twice the work in half the time while providing incredible value and keeping your growers and producers happy.

Inside the ESNP, you’ll learn how to:

Apply the power triad: Science - Applicability - Economics to improve growth performance while applying smart economics - your customers will thank you

Stay on the cutting edge with what’s working now - without spending hours buried in research papers siloed alone

Discover the 10 unbreakable rules of swine nutrition and why missing just one can throw you off course

Understand The Law Of Diminishing Returns in Swine Nutrition - because any fool can add a lot of nutrients to a diet but the elite nutritionists add just enough

Master The Pareto Principle of Swine Nutrition - identify how 20% of your decisions will create 80% of your best results

Critically think through vital processes quickly - without needing to test out every new idea in commercial research barns

Learn the swine nutrition essentials you need to adapt quickly to a constantly evolving industry without doing excessive research, chasing shiny new techniques, wasting precious time

When you complete the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program you will win back hours of your work week, learn the essential tools you need to formulate ANY swine nutrition diet, and you will develop a close network of community colleagues you can lean on to exchange vital information.


Picture your professional life a year from now... after you’ve graduated from the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program with flying colors...

Imagine working with an exciting new production system or new feed company and the first thing they do is to review their current diets and feeding program.


Equipped with the knowledge you learned in the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program you’re already aware that one of the most common mistakes in swine nutrition is falling behind on having the most profitable diet - you know to do your due diligence .

Before you review a single diet, the first thing you do is plug current ingredient and pig prices  into your Elite Swine Nutritionist decision-making tools...

Next, you enter the current system-wide growth, intake, and feed efficiency..

Changes are implemented and the results come in...

 ...energy, amino acids, and phosphorus tweaks... strip out unproven ingredients, market weight  is improved by several pounds (or kg for that matter), and - the magic happens - you save them hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on a herd of 7,000, 20,000, 50,000, or even 200,000 sows.

Boom! You just paid for many years of your salary with less than 3 weeks of work.

Phenomenal right?

Our students have dozens of success stories of their own.

Read what they had to say about their experiences in the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program


Ethan W. Stephenson

Swine Nutritionist 
Pillen Family Farms

"The Elite Swine Nutritionist program has been extremely valuable. Not only did it do a tremendous job in terms of reminding me of what is important to monitor in our system but also some other technologies to keep tabs on. The greatest part to me though has been the group calls to share ideas and understand other people’s thought processes when facing challenges and approaches to diet formulation."


Dr. Henrique Scher Cemin

Swine Nutritionist 
Hubbard Feeds


My name is Henrique Cemin, I'm a swine nutritionist, and I took the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program with Marcio for the last couple of months. Even though I had training in swine nutrition, I decided to take the course for a few reasons. I wanted a refresher on the basics of swine nutrition, which was well covered in the first few modules of the program. I also knew that Marcio had a lot of experience, and he is a specialist, particularly in sow nutrition. Therefore, I wanted to learn from the best and understand his viewpoint on those topics.

I was also looking forward to the live sessions. Whether there was an invited speaker or a Q&A session, I appreciated the fact that our group was a mix of students and production nutritionists. There was a wide range of experiences shared, and we had many good discussions.

If you're interested in swine nutrition and learning more about it, I recommend you look into the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program.”

Dr. Fan Liu

Research Scientist 
Rivalea Australia

“I'm a research scientist working for Rivalea Farms in Australia. One of the largest integrated pig production companies in Australia. My key responsibility is to provide scientific-based evidence to fine tune the nutrition program used in our pig production system.

I attended the Elite Nutritionist Program, between September and November of 2020. During the course, Marcio has reviewed the most recent publications on pig nutrition to guide practical feed formulation. I really appreciate this scientific-based approach.

Also during the course, Marcio has taught us how to think like a nutritionist, by considering the economics including the dietary cost, the pig production returns, which is very helpful. During the Q&A sessions, we had a chance to communicate with the invited speakers from academia and industry. Also, I would like to say it was a very pleasant journey to exchange ideas with the other nutritionists that participated in this program.”

Dr. Sara Hough

Senior Regional Technical Services
DSM Nutritional Products

The Elite Swine Nutritionist Program was just what I was looking for.
As a veterinarian, new within the last year to the swine nutrition world, it definitely helped me gain a better understanding of everything that goes into a successful feeding program.

We discussed formulation, as well as implementing a program, but also there was a lot of discussion around scientific information that's available and how that helps you make a decision for your production company or your clients.

It gave us tools for critical troubleshooting, which I'm sure will be very helpful in the future with clients.
It also gave us a wonderful network of a community of folks within the industry. We had some really fruitful conversations and these are peers that I will rely on in the future I'm sure, when questions arise.

If you're curious about the program, look into it, I think it's a wonderful opportunity. If you would like to develop your skills in swine nutrition as well as establish a pretty neat network of folks within the industry.”




If you’re thinking “that sounds great” but how does ESNP work exactly?


Here’s what you get:

➢ On-demand access to 7 modules with over 150 bite-sized topic-specific lessons that easily fit into your busy routine

Finding the perfect balance between growth performance and economics is a time-consuming balancing act that all of us have to get right to keep our contract growers and producers happy.

The problem is there’s NO TIME for digging up every piece of research or unproven theories in the field...you need to know what’s working RIGHT NOW.

The Elite Swine Nutritionist Program gives you what you need condensed into bite-sized digestible content you can implement right away and start seeing results.

Best of all - the course is self-paced to fit your already busy schedule.


➢ Access to a Private Community to discuss Swine Nutrition exclusively, and to increase your network 

Ever hear the phrase “if you’re the smartest person in the room...find a better room?

High achieving swine nutritionists surround themselves with smart people and high achievers. Your cohort students along with our existing Elite Swine Nutritionist Community will raise the bar and serve as trusted council from experts you can count on in your day-to-day career.


 Access to 10+ recorded Q&A sessions with our World-Class Invited Speakers such as: Drs. Paul Cline, Josh Flohr, Mike Tokach, Hans Stein, Betsy Newton, Laura Greiner, David Rosero, Kyle Coble, Aaron Gaines, John Patience and others

You’re going to hear the newest wisdom, strategies, and techniques from the who’s who of the Swine Nutrition world.

After poring through and curating decades of the best research-based practices, tools, and strategies… I’ve incorporated their collective wisdom into The Elite Swine Nutritionist Program.

These 10+ interviews are swine nutrition GOLD!


➢ Over 10 decision making tools 

When a single decision can save millions of dollars from a feeding program, decision-making is nail-bitingly difficult.

We’ll help fix that with over 10 tools, templates, and checklists to make sure you have everything you need to confidently make the right decision.

➢ Monthly Live Q&A sessions with industry experts such as Dr. Laura Greiner, me, and other invited speakers

Wishing you had direct access to the finest minds will become a thing of the past with our Monthly Live Q&A sessions.

Get your questions answered in real time by the superstars of swine nutrition and enjoy hearing what’s working now from the people on the cutting edge of the swine nutrition industry.


➢ One-page sow feeding program 

The single most important nutrition-related factor affecting sow reproductive performance is body condition.

A lot has been said on this particular subject, but you can learn OUR thoughts and conclusions on the subject after conducting experiments with well over 50,000 piglets weighed at birth.



The program is carefully curated and stacked with Live Q+A’s, guest speakers, decision-making tools and recorded sessions making this specialized education EASILY worth $10,000+.

But I know you’ve already paid a small fortune just to get your undergrad work...let alone any post-grad studies you might have done or are STILL doing.

So, I am making this easy for you… I’m giving you everything I’ve spent the last couple decades painstakingly cultivating and curating for the low no-brainer price of just $125 per month.



This is the course I wish I had when I started my swine nutrition career.

There's nothing on the market like it. 

And because you’re anxious to start using and implementing the info in it right away you get INSTANT ACCESS as soon as you buy.

We’ll give you a full 7 days after purchasing the program to try it out totally risk-free. 

Whatever the reason, if during the first 7 days you decide to leave the program, just email us and we'll refund your money... no questions asked.

Additionally, if you complete all the modules and implement the strategies taught in the program but are not satisfied with the results, I will consult with you personally (for up to 2 hours) to help you implement what you need.

That is how much I believe in our Elite Swine Nutritionist program - and in YOU.

You can even keep the bonuses -- at our expense.

To date we haven’t had a single refund and if you want to see what kind of experiences our students have in learning and the incredible career jumps they make have a quick look at this testimonial here:

Simply put - the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program GETS RESULTS!

Our students...

  • Become more efficient
  • Amplify their professional networks
  • Improve critical thinking skills
  • Get immediate access to curated knowledge to stay up-to-date
  • Learn how to accomplish more in less time

Now ask yourself a question... are you the absolute BEST version of yourself in your career right now?

If you didn’t instantly answer yes then why not?

A year from now what will have changed?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you want different...better results from your career - then all you have to do is invest 2 hours a week, over the next 6 weeks to finish the base program and transform your career forever.


We understand that a lot of our students are run ragged between dozens of mills and farms.

If time is a concern the course is self-paced and you can finish it in 6 weeks watching 2 hours a week or in the next 18 days at 20 minutes a clip while you’re driving to work.

Knowledge is power… APPLIED knowledge will change lives - starting with yours!

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